How to Play Candy Cane Match 3

Use mouse to play

Candy Cane

Candy cane is a fun game for entering the gate. In the game, you will need to click on the small balls moving on the track of two circles on the screen to control them not to be hurt by the crutches and Santa Claus falling on both sides. Otherwise, you will lose the game and need to start the game again.

Candy cane’s game content

In Candy cane, the operation is simple and easy to use. All you need to do is control the ball on the screen to move correctly so that it does not hit the crutches and Santa Claus that fall on both sides. If you hit it, it means the game fails. In the game, if the ball eats more candy, it will score more points. The full star can unlock more advanced rewards after completing the challenge.

Candy cane’s Game Features

Candy cane pays attention to the fresh cartoon-style painting style, which can improve the ultimate visual experience. Secondly, he has a wealth of game levels, different difficulties and situations waiting for you to explore; In this one trap, need to pay great attention to avoid, a little careless will give up; There are plenty of props, and you can unlock them as much as you like in Candy cane.

Candy cane is an exciting elimination game. You can play your keen observation here, click two identical mahjong pieces together in turn, and then let them be eliminated automatically. 2 is an entertaining casual game. You will control the movement of lines so that they can encircle the area during continuous flow.  In the process of competing with your opponent, you need to respond quickly and try to be the one with the largest territory.

If you want to run to the game, then run 3(run 3) requires you to observe the surrounding environment, so in the process of running, will not inadvertently fall into the cracks of time and space, failing the game challenging;  Or challenge the new earn to die, a thrilling escape game that drives quickly and tries to spread them out and survive against zombies.

If you want to experience a game that simulates the direction of the business, lemonade stand can make you experience the difficulty and complexity of doing business. There are many things to consider. You need to prepare food according to the weather and adjust the price to make it more popular with customers.

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